David Díaz.

Mew: Windows Markdown Editor

So for some mysterious and unknown reason I am selling a windows markdown editor. It’s called Mew, and you can get it for $8 at codecanyon.

Mew, as you’d expect from a markdown editor is pretty simple. I built it for myself using C# and the awesome .net framework. I was basically forced into building it since, there wasn’t a nice markdown editor for windows available. I worked on polishing it for a couple of weeks and now here the end result:

It has built-in snippets, color themes and a live-preview, among other things.

I am fairly happy with the results. It provides a simple, yet customizable enviorment, it’s fast and really simple. I’ve tried to create an editor that doesn’t get in your way and that actually tries to help you. It was built for my needs so, these are addressed completely. I might add more features in future versions if anyone requests them since, I want it to be good editor for everyone.

I have a small list of things I’ve been considering to add so, we’ll see how that ends up working. Hopefully I’ll get somewhere with it and, even if it’s not a good seller, I did enjoy building it, working with C# is entertaining and pretty cool so, it made the whole process a nice experience. If I don’t make a single sale for a couple of months I’ll open-source it since, it’d mean there’s no commercial potential for it.

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