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New Year's Resolutions 2013

I’ll begin by saying this will be a great year. I have a lot of objectives and things I want to accomplish. Some will be the culmination of past efforts and some are new things I want to get done. My first resolution is to blog more. I’ve been saying I’ll start blogging more often for a couple of years now and I keep failing. I’ll change that and thus, my first objective is to write 52 posts this year, one per week. Since I don’t alway have too much time I am not requiring myself to publish every week as long as I get it done eventually. I also will write small random stuff most of the time since, that’s how I roll.

My second resolution is to start a company. I am currently participating in contest sponsored by my university. If I were to win I’d be established as a company in a couple of months. Even if this doesn’t work out, I’ll get started on my own.

There’s more development and learning to be done in 2013 as well. I’d say 2012 was the year of Javascript. Working as a front-end developer forces you to learn a lot of Javascript so it’s been a great experience. This year I’ll further evolve as a Javascript developer but, I also want to master ruby. I just love that language and even though I’ve worked with it a lot I don’t feel as confident in my skills. It still feels too magical for my taste. I’ll be working a lot more on personal projects (and blogging about it as well). I already have one android app in mind and a couple of gems to make my life easier.

In the end I hope this year is as great as the last one and I learn, develop and grow a lot more.

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