David Díaz.


I know I am a little late doing the whole goal setting and year review thing but, this year I wanted to try something different. I wanted to see how January turned out before setting goals.

This year will be pretty exciting. I’ll continue working as a consultant as I have for the past couple of years. Invivo Link is doing some pretty cool things and I am happy to help them continue building their product. Over at 2build.it, we’re working with some pretty cool clients, building a variety of pretty cool things, hopefully the company will grow a whole lot this year.

I tend to decide what I’d like to learn more during the year. This year’s language is going to be Rust. I’ve fallen in love with it on the past couple of months and I’d like to start building more things with it as the language becomes more stable. Apart from Rust, this year I’ll be working with Objective-C a whole lot more. I don’t fully like the language yet but, I feel like it can be a valuable tool in my toolset. I’ll also continue working on bundle.js as it has become essential to a client’s project which, turns out to be a great way to further develop it.

I’d also like to write more, I didn’t get to do it as much as I wanted to last year so I’ve adjusted my goal, I want to write at least, 12 posts during the year. I think this is a reasonable quantity and I hope I’ll be able to reach it. I’d also like to read more, my goal for that is at least 52 books. I am up to speed so far so I am pretty sure I can reach that.

Finally, I’d like a travel more this year, I am getting a little tired and burned out and I feel that it would help me to travel and see things.

I achieved most of the important goals from last year so, I am looking forward to a great year.

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