David Díaz.

Beau 0.4

Beau 0.4 is here! It includes some small goodies for ya’ll. Mainly focusing on two things this time.

First, Beau now allows you to define requests in one line. If you pass a string as a configuration value it’ll be taken as that request’s alias so, you can get those small repetitive requests out of the way ASAP.

GET /users/:
  alias: get-users

GET /user/$get-users.body.0.userId:
  alias: get-user-0


    GET /users/: get-users
    GET /user/$get-users.body.0.userId: get-user-0

Much nicer.

The second change is the addition of a couple of extra flags to Beau’s CLI: --clean-request and --clean-list . These print results for request and list without any formatting. This is mostly to make it easy to integrate Beau with other tools.

Speaking of other tools I am releasing a very-much in beta plugin for sublime .

Beau for Sublime demo

The plugin allows you to make requests right from the Beau config file you are currently editing. There are several improvements I am currently working on which should be released soon. You can install it by using package control in sublime and searching for “Beau”. Any feedback is welcome at the plugin’s repository: https://github.com/Seich/sublime-beau/issues .

That’s it for now, I am working towards releasing a more polished release before the year ends if I get the time. I have lots of new and nice things planned for Beau in the near future.

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