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Installing Gitea on Dokku

I’ve been meaning to backup my GitHub repos somewhere for a while. I recently discovered that Gitea can mirror them and will keep them updated. I am running Dokku on my dedicated server and pretty much run everything I can think of there. Gitea was a bit tricky to install so here are some notes.

You start by creating the app:

; dokku app:create gitea

Once that’s done, we can initialize it from the docker image:

; dokku git:from-image gitea gitea/gitea:latest

This is a good time to set the correct domain name and mount the Gitea directories.

; dokku domains:add gitea git.example.org
; dokku storage:ensure-directory gitea
; dokku storage:mount gitea /var/lib/dokku/data/storage/gitea:/data

We can rebuild the app now:

; dokku ps:rebuild gitea

Dokku will get some ports wrong sometimes, we should check those:

; dokku proxy:report gitea
=====> gitea proxy information
       Proxy enabled:                 true
       Proxy port map:                http:22:22 http:3000:3000
       Proxy type:                    nginx

Those look somewhat wrong, lets fix them:

; dokku proxy:ports-remove gitea http:3000:3000 http:22:22
; dokku proxy:ports-add gitea http:80:3000

We can enable LetsEncrypt now:

; dokku letsencrypt:enable gitea

That’s pretty much it! Seems a lot simpler once I’ve written it down. If you want to change the config file you can go ahead and edit it + restart the app:

; sudo vim /var/lib/dokku/data/storage/gitea/gitea/conf/app.ini
; dokku ps:restart gitea


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