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Making Softcases for Small Electronics and Cables

Wraps are my favorite way of storing small electronics. Whenever I get a new one I’ll probably make one really quickly to store it and it’s accessories.

It’s a fairly straightforward process. Start with a piece of cloth. I really like this one, where it’s like felt on one side and like linen on the other. It makes it so the interior is really nice and soft.

A large piece of fabric laying on the floor"

I’ll start by measuring the device I’ll be wrapping. Once I’ve got the measurements I’ll lay my cloth on the floor and draw a rough rectangle. It’ll be a bit wider than needed and about four times the length of the device. This will let me wrap it comfortably a couple of times.

A couple of lines chalked up on black felt"

I’ll then cut this rectangle off.

A small piece of fabric laying on the floor now"

I’ll then fold a third of this cloth on top of itself and sew it. I got a free sewing machine a while back (all it took was a couple of 3d printed replacement parts to get it working but that’s a story for another day) which I use for this.

A sewing machine... sewing"

A close up of the sewn case"

Once that’s done I’ll flip it inside-out and sew any open borders to give it a cleaner look.

I’ll also sew a elastic on the open side so I can close it up.

The Elastic sewn to the flap"

I am not great a sewing.

I’ll then place the device inside, wrap it up and figure out where to put a button so that it closes up cleanly.

A button being placed."

Buttons are hard. I’ll do as many passes as possible because I really suck at place them. Just doing a lot of passes will usually yield a nice looking result.

A closeup of the button sewn into place."

How it looks on the insider"

How it looks on the outside"

It’s all about confidence. Once it’s all done, you can insert the device in and wrap it, using the elastic as a latch.

A closeup of the button sewn into place."

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